Tiger Guider is Here to Help

Posted on October 16, 2012 by


As we all know, the Internet is the cat’s meow these days. Two years ago, The Tiger Times founded its own website and went viral. This year, we would like to introduce a new interactive column called The Tiger Guide. It is similar to the famous “Ask Amy” advice column.

The Tiger Guide isn’t much different from the “Ask Amy” column, other than the fact that no appropriate questions will be turned away. Because it’s over the Internet, students will have the opportunity to ask questions and without having to wait for another issue of the paper to come out. A user named “Tiger Guider” will be quick to respond.

All submissions are anonymous; however, The Tiger Times asks that all posts are kept school appropriate (no cursing, offensive words, obscene or illegal content, etc.). Also, please remember that TheTigerTimes.com is a public website and can be viewed by anyone.

“Tiger Guider” looks forward to helping everyone who asks this year.

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