Hileman Leads Girls’ Soccer to County Title

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Madison Hileman was put in the hot seat Thursday night in the Berks County Girls’ Soccer Championships.

“They had a lot of pressure on us, so I was just doing my best,” Hileman said.

When the whistle blows, ending a second overtime, a lot of goalies tend to let their nerves get the best of them.

Not Hileman.

Instead, she remained calm, got in the goal, and stopped all 3 of Wilson’s penalty kick attempts, leading her team to its third Berks County Title in eight seasons.

She even booted one in herself.

“I just went out there and had the mindset that I needed to stop one or two and help my team win,” Madison “Madskill” Hileman said.

Hanna Perone scored the first goal of the game with a blast from 30 yards out, but other than that, the Tigers’ offense faced a tough battle against the Wilson defenders.The Tigers were unsuccessful at finding the net otherwise during play.

That’s not to say Fleetwood’s forwards didn’t get any good looks.

Maureen McGarry sent a perfect cross during overtime, and Bella Abrams went for the header, but the ball went just left of the goal.

On the other end of the field, Hannah Stump had one of the most difficult jobs of the night. Wilson’s Ivory Bailey, who has 21 goals and 7 assists on the season, was her mark.

“She’s a strong player, so it was a physical match, and I needed to stay composed,” Stump said.

Wilson nearly got a goal out of Bailey, but it was called off due to a foul in the box before the shot. Karina Naugle took the penalty kick, but it was deflected by Hileman, who saved the rebound just moments later.

“There were a couple of close calls, like when Ivory (Bailey) got the ball at the eighteen. Madskill was behind us though, and she came up big on everything,” Perone said.

Nevertheless, Fleetwood did what they do best and got the ball cleared as much as they could.  When a shot would slip by them, Hileman showed why her teammates could trust her.

The girls maintained a 1-0 lead throughout the game. All signs were pointing at a county title.

That was until Wilson’s Karina Naugle scored on a free kick just outside the box with just less  than three minutes remaining.

“Our heads were down for a little, but we knew we could win, so we picked ourselves back up,” Stump said.

During both overtimes, Wilson outshot Fleetwood 5-1 but never got anything by Hileman. When the game went into penalty kicks, the Tigers were feeling good.

“I liked our odds going into [penalty kicks]. We practice them every day, and PK’s are Madskill’s strong point,” Stump said.

Hileman finished her night with 13 regulation saves and the respect of every Fleetwood fan in the stadium.

“It’s an honor for everyone to say I’m a hero. I just go out there and do my best,” Hileman said with a smile.

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