Riots in Libya Readdress American Freedoms

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On this 11 September, 2012, Anti-American riots broke out in Libya, Egypt, and several other Middle-Eastern countries.

The riot in Libya was proven to be uncoordinated and far from premeditated, but it was still very violent. Protestors were armed with rocket powered grenades and fired at U.S. ambassador Chris Stevens, killing him near the U.S. consulate. Several other U.S. civilians were killed.

The riots erupted when Egyptian media reports were made on a trailer for a then-obscure movie called the “Innocence of Muslims,” which not only slanders the religion of Islam in general but attempts to make a mockery of Islam’s prophet Muhammad.

Ultraconservative Muslims, believing this movie was somehow an attack on their beliefs by the U.S. government, caused the riots. The U.S. released statements asserting their obvious lack of involvement with the film, but the riots were already underway and possible tragedy could not be averted.

On the following day, Wednesday, 12 September, President Obama responded to the actions, giving his sympathies to the families of those killed.

He also condemned those responsible for the murders, saying that they would be brought to justice; however, presidential candidate Mitt Romney was unhappy with President Obama’s response, claiming it disgraceful that he did not focus more on how he was going to find and punish those responsible. He suggested Obama had no interest in backing American free speech.

September 11, 2001, stands as one of the most tragic dates in American history and is a testament to the actions those with radical beliefs will take against those who go against them and their ideals. This 11 September, 2012, while not as tragic, is another testament to this.

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