Beardvember a Glorious Time for Guys

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Beardvember is a time of glorious facial hair bonding amongst men. One can ask any male friend, and someone will most likely know or have participated in Beardvember. Also known as “No Shave November,” this activity is fun for all who embrace it.

The idea behind this occasion is pretty simple. Guys get to enjoy a brief thirty days without shaving. Personally, I believe Beardvember is fantastic. Knowing every morning that you don’t have to shave is a great feeling.

Not everyone enjoys Beardvember. It’s a mystery  why people don’t enjoy it, but it might come down to having a job, mothers insisting that you to shave, and just not enjoying facial hair.

“I enjoy the beginning of Beardvember due to the fact that I don’t have a beard.  After that it becomes disgusting,” Senior Skylar Luckenbill said.

This seems to be a very prevalent answer among high school students.

“I was on a four-day stint until I realized it was really stupid, so I shaved,” Seth Knauer, a senior at Fleetwood, said.

The lack of ability to grow a nice beard could be disappointing to many high school guys. Personally, my beard is sub-par and not full.

Older people tend to participate in this month more adamantly. The ability to grow a better beard comes in time.

“I’ve been participating in Beardvember with my friends since my senior year of high school. My friends and I have always had problems growing the best beards we could. We still participate in Beardvember due to its enjoyment. I have been out of college for a few years now, and it’s still as fun as it ever was. Once the beards fully develop, the month becomes much more enjoyable,” FAHS graduate Kevin Cortazzo said.

Beardvember is a time of bonding amongst men through an activity that is not only masculine, but also very enjoyable. Let next year’s Beardvember be as glorious as this one.

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