New Coach Martinez to Lead Team to Greatness

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Coach James Martinez is the new head coach of the FAHS football team. Martinez came to Fleetwood in the spring 2012, a tough time to jump into a football program, but Martinez assumed control of the program quickly.

Martinez immediately started players on lifting programs. On top of that, he set up a speed and agility training program with John Graham. Most players agree this program helped every player on the team become faster and more conditioned.

Martinez has extensive football and coaching experience. He was a defensive coordinator in Texas and also at Kutztown for four years. He has been a head coach for six years and was a college coach for five. All of this experience has given him the ability to figure out what needs to be done and how to get it done.

Coach Martinez applied at Fleetwood because he felt it was an excellent opportunity to turn around a program that has not had much success in basic statistical measurements.

Whether the coach’s expectations can be met is yet to be determined. The team is trying to get where it needs to be, but this is not an instant or permanent modification

“We are trying to build a program, not just one good team,” Martinez said.  “Every game will be a challenge and we have to continue to work to be better and improve at what we do best.  I expect the community to come support us as much as any other team that may have a better record because overall school pride is contagious.”

Players say Martinez has done a great job jumping into a program and taking command right from the start.

“Coach Martinez showed us what it takes to win and will continue to teach us not only just how to play the game but also things that will help us in life, like a good work ethic,” player Zared Reichert said.

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