Misa’s Fugue Set for Success

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Misa’s Fugue, a documentary about Holocaust survivor Frank “Misa” Grunwald was produced with the help of over 200 Fleetwood Area High Students.

The idea, and later the pre-production, for Misa’s Fugue began on June 25, 2010, the date media teacher Sean Gaston met Grunwald at a Holocaust education conference in Indianapolis, Indiana. Gaston always wanted to find a way to get students involved in the making of an actual movie, and with Grunwald’s story it could be made possible.

By Hollywood filmmaking standards, this movie is estimated to cost about 1.5 to 2 million dollars, but with the help of an army of extremely motivated, passionate, and talented students, the movie was made for thirteen thousand dollars. This is known as a “shoe string budget” in the film industry.

Because of the hard work of all these immensely dedicated students, Misa’s Fugue premiered 16 April 2012 and has been shown in seven different countries around the world. Grunwald’s story was a Featured Selection in the Reading Film Festival as well as an Official Selection in the Philadelphia Film Festival the week prior.

As of last Thursday, the film also won the Rachael S. Turner Award for 2012, the highest award in the state “for innovation excellence in student journalism.” The last time this award was given out was fifteen years ago, which makes it more of an honor to everyone involved from Fleetwood.

Gaston, along with his fellow producers, sent out Misa’s Fugue to well over a dozen film festivals, with the final intent to qualify for an Oscar.

“The only way for it to do so is for it to be shown theatrically in New York and LA, which could very well be possible,” Gaston said.

After all, actor Tom Hanks himself possesses one of the DVDs sent out in the five months since the premiere.

Another printing of DVDs is planned for shipping and distribution around the world very shortly.

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