Mazenko Joins FAHS English Cast

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Born in Levittown but raised in Langhorne, PA, Sarah Mazenko has traveled about two hours to attend Kutztown University, where she is attending school. At KU, she is studying as an undergraduate in Secondary Education and English in hopes of becoming an English teacher. The only other grade she has taught thus far is twelfth grade, so it is currently her favorite.

Mazenko graduated from Conwell-Egan Catholic High School, where she was Homecoming Queen. While in high school, she worked for two years as a hair wrapper at Sesame Place.

Mazenko feels that living here is absolutely different than living back at home, and she enjoys the family-owned restaurants and sense of community that is present here. Mazenko would like to earn her Master’s Degree in Education as well as her Special Education Certificate.

Once she graduates college and acquires her Master’s, she would really like to pay off her student loans. She would like to work at a school in an urban area, but there is no specific school for which she would like to work; she just hopes to be employed!

Mazenko, as an English major, finds it particularly difficult when choosing a favorite book. Her top three are The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, and The Great Gatsby. Another difficult decision for her is her favorite movie. Wayne’s World, Good Will Hunting, and Cinderella are her top three favorite movies.

An easy decision for her is her favorite author–Emily Dickinson–because her poetry makes sense to Mazenko and because Dickinson is fabulous.

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