Felix Baumgartner Falls into History

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On 14 October, 2012, “Fearless” Felix Baumgartner made history with the first “Supersonic Dive”.

He described his free fall as “swimming without touching water.” Twenty- Four miles above the New Mexico Desert was where the jump took place.

Felix is the only human being to break the speed of sound without the help of a supersonic jet or space shuttle. During one moment of the fall, he was traveling at 833 Miles per hour.

This is an incredible yet very dangerous feat to have achieved.

“I think he’s crazy! I would never do that.  It is amazing though,” Sophomore Wyatt Pensinger said.

Called crazy by many, Baumgartner must feel very accomplished to do something that no one has ever done before.  This jump occurred about four times above the height that most passenger planes fly. Terrifying? For many, yes. This jump could have easily been deadly. Although the plummet down to earth only took four minutes and twenty seconds, not many would have tried it.

“I think that it is stupid that he attempted that! I would never have tried it. It’s crazy that he remained unharmed,” Music Appreciation teacher Cathy Williamson said.

Not many may know that he did not just do this for a world record. He did it to help NASA make stronger spacesuits for astronauts. Other than the only person to ever attempt a supersonic skydive, he broke two other records. One was the highest exit from a platform (128,000 ft.), and the other was the highest free fall without a drogue parachute (119,846 ft.).

“That was one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen,” Junior Nate Mayer said.

Even being called dumb, none of this stopped Baumgartner from taking this tremendous and groundbreaking jump.  In the end, Felix believes he is inspiring younger kids to try to break his record and to have courage.

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