Philosophy Club Thinks Itself into Being

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Students looking for something to do after school may be in luck. This year, Fleetwood Area High School has a brand-new Philosophy Club.

Dissatisfied with the focuses and options offered to them by other after school clubs, seniors Cody Millard and Leif Greiss came up with the idea for a club dedicated to the discussion and consideration of philosophical concerns.

“The founding of the club,” co-founder Millard said, “was due to the founders’ thirst for knowledge and our desire to see different points of view. The club is a place for people to express their thoughts on the major questions of today and for the examination of the questions of yesterday.”

Millard and Greiss intended the club to be extremely free-formed with topics of discussion at the discretion of the students.  Despite approval from FAHS principle Michael DeAntonio and permission from English teacher Deb Mahnken to use her classroom, no teacher was willing to take an active role in the club. 

However, when meetings began, Mahnken took a more active role than expected, surprising the members at the first meeting.  Most members now see her as the club advisor, leading most discussions and selecting the topics for discussion.

But Mahnken’s participation in the club has not gone over well with all members.

“I thought the club would allow topic to be brought up and the meeting would be spent with everyone talking about it and their views,” sophomore club member Mckayla Millard Misa said.  “Instead it’s [Mahnken] reading to us from a textbook and then occasionally asking for our opinions. I’d like it more if it was only controlled by students.”

Participation of student members is still the soul of the club. The goal of the philosophy club is to pursue knowledge, and in no way has this been corrupted.

Most of all, this club is a tool for students. Everything discussed, analyzed, examined, and debated can be chosen by the students.  Movies, activities, passages from books, and anything related to philosophy are all part the club.

Membership is open to anyone who wishes to join, and no member is forced to speak or participate in discussions if he or she does not wish to do so.  Meetings are held Thursdays after school in Mrs. Room #103.

Students who would like further information about the club may contact Cody Millard or Leif Greiss in person, on Facebook, or via the Philosophy Club Facebook group.

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