Gathered FAHS Students Grow Magical

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Magic: The Gathering is a twenty-year-old card game that involves a lot of strategy to eliminate your opponent. It is a fun and competitive game that forces players to think.

Each opponent has a minimum of 60 cards in his/her deck and duels the other players until they have lost all twenty life points. Students, as well as teachers, have been playing each other during lunch, study halls, and after school for an extracurricular activity.

Magic has been popular at FAHS for the past three or four years.

“My friends and I usually play at lunch after we eat, and just have a good time,” junior Zach Siegfried said. “I’ve also played Mr. Houp sometimes.”

On the weekends, some Magic players go to Golden Eagle at the Fairgrounds Square Mall to both buy and trade cards. Cards can cost as little as $.25 cents to as much as $2,000 dollars. Golden Eagle also hosts tournaments for the players to win cards or even cash prizes.

“I like Magic because, not only is it fun, but it involves a lot of thinking. I think it is the best card game of its type out there because it is different from all the rest. It isn’t just luck, and it’s very strategic,” Wes Hawkins said.

Each player has an opportunity to create a unique deck. There are five main colors—black, white, green, blue, and red. A deck can consist of one color, two colors, three colors, four colors, or even five colors. There are also different game types.

The Standard form is a free for all, but there is also Commander, which is a 100-card deck with no repeated cards. Players have one Commander, which they can summon whenever they have enough mana to bring it out. Mana is any type of land. Every card has a mana cost. Players have to have the exact amount of land to bring a card out, and they can only play one land each turn.

“Magic is better than your traditional board game because you’re essentially recreating a new board every single time you build a deck,” English teacher Zachary Houp said. “Plus, your opponent has a unique, carefully calculated ‘board’ of his own.”

The popularity spike in Magic has created a lot of interest at FAHS. If you are looking for an opportunity to play Magic,  talk to other students…or even some teachers.

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