Fleetwood Football Makes Improvements Regardless of Record

Posted on December 21, 2012 by


This past football season, Fleetwood Tigers went 3-7, which ties the team’s all-time record.

“A football program takes time to develop,” Coach James Martinez is apt t say.

The new coach seems to be doing things right. The team’s overall spirit and will to win has improved 100%.

This season was undeniably the best season any Fleetwood Football team has ever had. Not only did we tie the win record, but we were a lot closer in crucial games than we have been in the past.

Next season, our dream is to make playoffs and win at least four games, which would beat the win record. We could be the first team to make playoffs in the history of Fleetwood Football.

“[Martinez is] teaching us what it takes to win,” sophomore Mason Duguay said.

The team is already lifting and doing speed training for the next season, something most other teams won’t even start until February at the earliest.

Next year will be a another fresh start for the Fleetwood Football team. It’s going to be unlike anything the fans have ever seen before.

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