This Halloween Black Cats Abounded

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Copyright (c) 2012 by Angela Reichert

Copyright (c) 2012 by Angela Reichert

Halloween is a night of fun, free candy, and kids of all ages walking around dressed up in scary, funny, or strange costumes. But some love the holiday more than others. This Halloween, dressing up as a cat seemed to be a very popular choice with the girls.

“I was a cat because all my friends were! It seemed like a fun thing to be, and it’s original,” sophomore Irene Licari said.

“I was a mouse because I thought it would be cute and hipster because everyone was a cat, so I decided to be a mouse” sophomore Delaney Karpuek said.

“For Halloween, I was a glow stick man, because it was really cool and I’m positive that no one I knew wore this costume,” Junior Zared Reichert said.

This seems to be one of the more unique costumes that have been worn this Halloween. There may have been many cats, animals, or other terrifying creatures, but there have been few“Glow Stick Men.”

“I tried to be Ryan Steward. I thought it would make me look cool,” Mitch Kinek said.

This costume seems to be one of the more difficult to pull off. There are not many costumes of Fleetwood Area High School students.

“Halloween is stupid. This is why I do not dress up and go out for candy. I usually just either stay home and watch T.V. or hang out with my friends,” senior Dan Hawkins said.

“I didn’t dress up.  I just sat outside and gave out candy,” senior Nick Braswell said.

Halloween isn’t for everyone.

Fleetwood was full of different costumes running around on Halloween night. It seems most of the older children did not participate in this holiday, but this could be an event that students outgrow as they get older.

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