Austin Brady: Snowboard Extraordinaire

Posted on January 10, 2013 by


Disappointed by the late start of snowboard season the previous year, junior Austin Brady has high expectations for this upcoming season.

Beginning in elementary school, Brady was influenced by his father, who had worked at a ski resort to take up snowboarding. Now Brady himself not only boards but is also a snowboard instructor at the local ski resort, Bear Creek.

“I love the sport, and [I] want to teach people how to do it,” Brady said.

Brady is also a previous participant of the Ski Club offered at Fleetwood, in which he was involved for five years.

“[Brady] is very talented at the sport of snowboarding,” senior Zach Noll said.

Having only boarded in the past at Bear Creek, Brady intends on going to Holiday Valley in New York in the near future.

Apart from snowboarding, Brady’s hobbies include playing League of Legends, going out to eat with his “homies,” and attending shows.

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