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Summer Movie Season Filled with Thrills

June 7, 2013


Not sure what to do this summer? Head to the movie theater!  From Memorial Day to the end of August, plenty of promising new movies will see a wide release. The first big budget summer blockbuster out of the gate was Marvel’s Iron Man 3. Star Trek: Into Darkness, Fast 6, and The Hangover 3 […]

Tornados Devastate Midwest

June 5, 2013


On 19 May 2013, a series of tornadoes devastated the mid-west, specifically Oklahoma and Kansas. These tornadoes weren’t just passers-by; they were big and extremely high on the scale. The system of tornadoes stretched from Minnesota to Texas. It was said there were heavy amounts of rain and baseball-sized hail in these states. The main […]

The End of the Year Is Here

June 4, 2013


The end of the year is rolling around, and final exams are tormenting the students of Fleetwood. Whether it’s organized studying or crammed studying, everyone is trying to prepare in some way. Many teachers have stopped teaching for the rest of the year and now are just reviewing for the final exams. Most seniors began […]

Bright Future Ahead for Fleetwood Athletics

June 3, 2013


During the 2012-2013 school year, Fleetwood athletics excelled in many sports and improved on past years. During this year, not only did many teams experience successful seasons, Fleetwood students also showed a lot of school pride by attending many games as Superfans. During the fall, the boys’ soccer team won their division and made both […]

Iron Man 3 a Must See

May 23, 2013


Here’s a bold statement: Iron Man is the coolest superhero ever. Don’t believe me? Watch Iron Man 3, the newest addition in Marvel’s long line of superhero movies. Even if one is not well-versed in the comic book movie universe–full disclosure, I haven’t even seen the first two Iron Man films–this movie is sure to […]

Manchester United says Farewell to Sir Alex Ferguson

May 22, 2013


The glory is finally coming to an end. Twenty-Seven years ago, Manchester United hired the man who would become the most successful manager of all time, Sir Alex Ferguson. Now, all that success and glory is coming to an end after Ferguson recently announced that he will retire at the end of the 2012-2013 season. This […]

Senioritis Hits Hard in Fleetwood

May 21, 2013


When the days of senior year start dwindling, most students experience senioritis. Senioritis is something that happens when a graduated student gets accepted to college and simply doesn’t care anymore.  He or she tends not to study or do homework, and procrastinate is rampant. Other symptoms of senioritis can be not caring about appearance, being constantly […]

Final Concert for Seniors Bittersweet

May 20, 2013


As the 2013 Spring Concert rolls around, many seniors are starting to see the end of their music career arriving. Some are sad to see the end, and some are happy to see a new beginning. Their love for the music department teachers is prodigious. Senior students even purchase gifts for the teachers. On 17 […]

See the World Anew with Google Glass

May 17, 2013


Google Glass has many people wondering where technology is heading. It is probably the most technologically advanced item known to the public. Google is in big competition to be at the top of the technology chain, going up against companies such as Apple and Microsoft, and they seem to be handling themselves very nicely. With […]

German Students Visit PA German Cultural Heritage Center

May 16, 2013


On 19 April, German students went on a field trip to the Pennsylvania German Cultural Heritage Center in Kutztown. Students left the school at 9:30 a.m. and returned shortly after 1:00 p.m. The German Cultural Heritage Center is a museum and cultural center that strives to preserve and promote the Pennsylvania German Culture. While there, students […]

Weather Woes in the Forecast

May 13, 2013


It has been really hot, then freezing cold, then extremely dry, and then too humid that we could hear our hair frizz up before we even were outside. Pennsylvanians agree it has been a weird time for weather this year as well as the end of the 2012.  One of the most trending questions now is what are […]

May Horoscopes

May 10, 2013


Aries [March 21st- April 19th] One major illusion comes as well as one absolutely correct insight into your life. The illusion centers on money, friendship, and hopes for the future. Someone might play on your social instincts to hide something from you. The correct insight comes in the areas of investments, lifestyle changes, and travel. […]

Suarez Banned Again

May 9, 2013


Liverpool striker Luis Suarez has been in a couple of controversial incidents in his career, and recently, he has added another to the list. He has been banned for ten games for biting Chelsea defender Banislav Ivanovic. The Uruguayan international will miss the rest of the season, which doesn’t look too promising for Liverpool. “I think it […]

FAHS Music Returns from South Carolina

May 7, 2013


Every year, the Fleetwood Area Music Department invites students to attend a trip to compete in a music competition. This year students who attended the trip had the chance to visit Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The trip to Myrtle Beach cost $510.00, which may seem like a lot, but participants could fundraise enough money to […]

FAHS German Students Participate in KU Competition

May 2, 2013


On Wednesday, 10 April, Kutztown University hosted the inaugural World Languages Meet. Fleetwood German students competed in several events, taking home the second place prize in the events Virtual Amazing Language Race and Taboorades. They were the only team that participated in the Cultural Presentation.  The festivities began at 8:30 a.m. and lasted until 4:30 p.m. […]

Miller-Keystone Blood Drive Honors Jim Fry

April 30, 2013


Every spring and fall, FAHS hosts a generous means of demonstrating kindness and community. The Miller-Keystone Blood Clinic comes to FAHS for an entire day so that people can donate blood to those in need. Miller-Keystone will be setting up a donation center at the school on 2 May 2013. Every blood drive is important to all […]

Exciting Season for the NBA Coming up

April 29, 2013


With the likes of LeBron James and the Miami Heat, as well as Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder, the NBA playoffs will be offer an intense playoff run from all teams. Last season, the Heat and the Thunder were fighting for the NBA championship, which the Heat took in astonishing fashion, winning the […]

Head Coach of Rutgers Fired for Abusing Players

April 29, 2013


On 3 April, disturbing video clips were released to the public showing Rutgers basketball coach Mike Rice physically and verbally abusing his players during practice. ESPN aired the video clips, which depicted Mike Rice throwing basketballs at his players and also yelling at them and pushing them. Also on the video, viewers could also see Jimmy […]

Happy 50th Birthday to Chisdak and Rankin!

April 26, 2013


Two teachers at Fleetwood Diane Chisdak and Sherri Rankin recently celebrated their fiftieth birthdays, and looking fabulous as ever. On her birthday, Rankin went out with good friends to Melt, a restaurant in Lehigh valley, and had dinner. “There were good food, good friends, and good dessert.  You can’t ask for better than that,” Rankin […]

Breaking Tradition, Pope Benedict XVI Resigns

April 24, 2013


Monday, 11 February 2013, marked an emotional  day for the 1.2 billion world-wide Catholics as Pope Benedict XVI, formally Joseph Ratzinger, informed the Roman Catholic population—as well as the rest of the world–that he would be resigning from his position on the 28th of that month. Ratzinger stated that he was “well aware of the seriousness […]

Pope Francis: First Pope from the New World

April 23, 2013


The Catholic Church was shocked when Pope Benedict XVI formally resigned on 28 February 2013. For a short period of time, the world was Popeless. This chaotic stretch of time generated a lot of suspense as cardinals voted on whom to elect as the new Pope. After several days of waiting anxiously, white smoke rose from […]

My Chemical Romance Calls it Quits

April 19, 2013


After twelve years, the Jersey-based band My Chemical Romance announced that, on the 22 March, it has “come to an end.” The band was originally formed by front-man Gerard Way and former drummer Matt Pelissier approximately one week after the 9/11 attacks. In a previous interview, Way stated that witnessing the planes crash into the […]

World Baseball Classic Begins

April 18, 2013


The World Baseball Classic is an international baseball tournament that started in 2006. It includes 16 countries from all parts of the world. The World Baseball Classic is the first international baseball tournament to include MLB players. It is played every 4 years, and Japan is the two-time defending champion. There are four pools of […]

Fleetwood Students Compete in Economics Challenge

April 17, 2013


On 27 February 2013, seniors of the Fleetwood student body attended an Economic Challenge competition. The Economic Challenge was hosted by Millersville University, where seniors were placed on different teams to compete. Fleetwood student teams were a David Ricardo Team and an Adam Smith team. Many Fleetwood seniors competed in the economic challenge. Not all were […]