YOGO Crazy Makes Food Fun

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“Stop playing with your food!” your mother exclaims. But at YOGO Crazy, that’s all you do!

YOGO Crazy is a fairly new frozen yogurt shop found here in Berks, founded by the current owners of the very successful Austin’s restaurant.

The décor is a mix of candy colors and a six-year-old girl’s room. It is “flabbergasting” according to FAHS freshman Miah Maldodado.

YOGO Crazy has sixteen flavors at forty-nine cents an ounce. Most are 110 calories or less, excluding cake batter (130 calories) and Peanut butter (140 calories) for a four-ounce serving.

They also have over fifty different types of toppings available at any time, including Captain Crunch, an assortment of fruits, and the always-tempting cheesecake bites.

All of YOGO Crazy’s frozen yogurt selections are “guilt-free” desserts, compared to the 250 calorie serving of Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia ice cream.

I recommend the very versatile Cake Batter mixed with either the New York Cheesecake and/or the Cappuccino flavors topped with Cheesecake Bites and Captain Crunch.

If you prefer a chocolate heart attack, take a layer of chocolate fro-yo at the bottom of your cup.  Then add a layer of chocolate sprinkles and another layer of chocolate with strawberries on top.  Finish with even more chocolate sprinkles. If that sounds great, thank Abagail Lasher in ninth grade.  Dylon Bennett recommends Peanut Butter.

Overall, YOGO Crazy is a great place to go with your family and friends alike to enjoy some high quality frozen yogurt without feeling too guilty about gaining a lot of weight.

“The frozen yogurt’s good.  Good staff.  Clean and colorful,” sophomore Josh Arak said.

I give this candy filled house of yogurt 6.8 chocolate-filled gnomes out of ten.

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