Random Profile: Amanda Flinn

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FlinnAmanda Flinn is a senior at Fleetwood Area High School who is expected to graduate in spring 2013.

Amanda Lynn Flinn is her full name.

“No there isn’t any underlying reason behind my name, but it does rhyme,” Flinn said.

She has a couple of siblings. She has one sister on her mom’s side and a sister and two brothers on her dad’s side. Flinn lives with her mom and older sister in a house in the Fleetwood borough.

Flinn participates in softball. She plays for the school team and also plays for a travel team.

Along with softball, she participates in Vocal Ensemble for chorus, where she sings as a soprano.

“My favorite part about senior year is that it is almost over,” Flinn said.

She seems eager to be finished with high school but just a bit sad to be leaving all of her friends with whom she has become close over the years.

After high school, Flinn plans on attending Penn State University, where she has already been accepted, to major in Forensics.

Many have said that Flinn has a very energetic, happy, go-getter type of personality. She is a hard-working student and maintains good grades throughout the year.

“I enjoy just being with friends and enjoying time with them before college,” Flinn said.

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