Students Go Crazy over Fun Run

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Fun Run is a newer gaming app for both Android’s Google Play Store and iOS’s App Store.

Players can add friends to their friends list, whether they play on Android or iOS, and they can invite them to games to play.

Gamers start off as a fox, but they can earn coins to buy a bear, turtle, bunny, or doe. When the player earn enough coins, he or she can also buy customizations such as headwear and/or footwear.

“It’s awesome.  The turtle is the best character,” senior Ryan Steward said.

Players must jump over obstacles and avoid other players’ power-ups to get to the finish line first. Every player starts with a power, and once he or she uses it, the player may collect another in a box, similar to Super Mario Bros.

You use the power-ups to either slow down opponents (like the magnet does), kill opponents (like the lightening or saw), or speed yourself up with the claw.

This is a very addicting game too. The competition between friends makes the game very hard to put down.

Junior Mary Frank calls herself the “Fun Run Master,” to the displeasure of the rest who play.

Fun Run is played by a number of Fleetwood students during lunch, study hall, and any other leisure time.

“It’s mad fun. It can be very frustrating though. I usually get hit too much by lightening or get magnetized. But all in all, it’s a good game. Everybody should play it,” junior Zack Klapchar said.

Fun Run can be a very awesome game to play with your friends. You can have little competitions together and earn bragging rights. I recommend this game to anyone looking to have some fun on their phone or iPod. It also gives you something to do in downtime when you’re bored.

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