Sandy Hook Tragedy Troubles a Nation

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On the morning of Friday, 14 December, classes were underway like any other day.

At approximately 9:35 a.m., just five minutes past the routine locking of the doors, dispatchers at the local police station began getting numerous calls of an armed gunman on the premises of Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

“Sandy Hook school. Caller is indicating she thinks someone is shooting in the building,” a dispatcher said to fire and medical personnel, according to 911 tapes that were released in CNN’s article, Sandy Hook shooting: What happened?

Between 9:35 and 9:49 a.m., Adam Lanza, 20, managed to break his way into the newly upgraded security protocol as well as fatally shoot 20 first grade students and six adults with a semi-automatic AR-15 assault rifle made by Bushmaster before taking his own life with a Glock pistol.

“I was in Mr. Coassolo’s class,” recalls Fleetwood senior, Tyler Burgert. “I was appalled at the act of the shooting.”

At some point before arriving at the school, Lanza also murdered his mother, Nancy Lanza, who was the primary caregiver for her autistic son after the divorce of Lanza’s parents, which occurred in 2009.

According to police reports, Lanza had shot his mother four times in the head while she was presumed to have been asleep.

Afterwards, Lanza arrived at Sandy Hook Elementary School, which is located 5 miles from Nancy Lanza’s spacious $1.6 million home.

The elementary school is the same one that Nancy Lanza had volunteered for in the previous years. 

“[Adam Lanza] believed she cared more for the children than she did for him,” Newton resident Joshua Flashman, 25, said.

Flashman also told Fox News that Lanza’s mother was good friends with the principal and psychologist, both of whom were counted among the six adults killed during the incident.

Prior to this, Adam’s mother was beginning to make arrangements to have Lanza committed to a psychiatric ward. This arrangement, which was unknown to Lanza, is considered to be a possible motive for the Sandy Hook shooting.

“I think that kid had some deep-rooted issues that someone or something in his life had caused,” Senior Justin Bruno said.

The news of this shooting not only affected those involved but shocked the entire nation and made parents skeptical of their own children’s safety.

“I called my wife when I left school,” T.V Media teacher Sean Gaston said. “She was in tears and just wanted to get home to pick up our own children, one of whom is a first grader.”

The Sandy Hook massacre, resulting in 27 overall fatalities is now recognized as the second-deadliest mass murder at an American elementary school, after the Bath School bombings of 1927, which resulted in 45 deaths and 58 injuries.

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