Discovery Channel’s Amish Mafia Actually Popular

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Normally, when one hears the word “Mafia,” an image of an Amish family is not likely to come to mind.

Many people’s perception of the Amish and organized crime changed when the Discovery Channel launched “Amish Mafia” in mid-December.

Yes, such a thing as an Amish mafia exists. Taking place in Lancaster County, the show revolves around a mob of Amish men whose main goals are to keep peace and order in their communities by any means necessary.

Led by a man named Lebanon Levi, the group strives to help their neighbors by enforcing justice and punishing those who do wrong.

Despite their seemingly good intentions, the Amish mafia has unorthodox methods when it comes to dealing with wrongdoers.

In one episode, a man from outside the community clipped an Amish buggy with his car. When Jolin, a man who is in the Amish mob, confronts him about it, the culprit does not take him seriously. Jolin responds to this by shooting a hole in the man’s windshields (Jolin is a Mennonite, which allows him freedom to carry a gun.) This is just a small example of how the Amish Mafia handles their business.

Amish Mafia is just a small example of how Amish culture is gaining popularity on cable television. Shows such as Breaking Amish on TLC have gained widespread popularity for their portrayal of a lifestyle that seems alien and strange to the rest of America.

The show has not been without controversy. People have criticized Amish Mafia for being unrealistic (some events in the show are reenacted) and for portraying a cruel image of Amish people.

Despite some negative reviews, Amish Mafia has been released to a large audience, with each of its first three episodes gaining at least three million viewers.

Love it or hate it, one cannot deny that Amish Mafia is a controversial show that is worthy of the amount of intrigue and discussion that it has spawned. If anyone hasn’t seen the show before, new episodes are every Tuesday on the Discovery Channel.

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