Girls’ Basketball Takes Huge Leap Foward

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Three seasons ago, no one would have ever thought Fleetwood girls’ basketball would be in the position they are now. After the 1-20 season ended in 2010, no one knew what was to come for future years.

That is, until computer room monitor Matt Kellet took over coaching and did a 360 with the program.

“We’ve grown as a team and have learned from our mistakes. We are driven to do the best, and it shows through how we play,” senior and captain Maureen McGarry said.

This year, the girls are in a tight race to the County Playoffs in Berks Division II against Hamburg, Berks Catholic, and Conrad Weiser.

Think that’s tough?  All four of those teams have won at least two-thirds of their games. “Tight race” is an understatement.

McGarry leads the way in scoring with 12.6 points per game. Kendra Bamberger and Xiomara Toledo complement that with a solid 9.1 points per game each.

Cyre Virgo also provides a strong rebounding presence, along with 8.4 points per game.

With four balanced scorers backed by point guards Madison Bossler and Hannah Stump, Fleetwood girls’ basketball is off to one of their best seasons in years, earning an 11-3 record.

The girls are currently in third place, falling just one game behind from an early loss to Hamburg in December that was eventually avenged in a 55-39 win on Thursday night.  Toledo and McGarry have 20 points apiece, and Bamberger added 10.

“We still  have those games that don’t go our way, but we’ve come a long way since being 1-20,” McGarry said.

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