Reid Leaves Philly

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The Philadelphia Eagles are looking to change their team entirely in order to improve.  One of those changes was firing one of the most successful coach in Eagles history, Andy Reid.

Obviously, Reid wasn’t giving the Eagles what they wanted, a Super Bowl win. The Philadelphia Eagles are one of the few teams who have never won a Super Bowl in their history.

“I’m so glad he’s out” sophomore Matt Hook said.

Not only was Andy Reid failing to bring home a Super Bowl, but this past year the team did not even make the playoffs.  In the 2012 season, they went 4-12, which is an awful number for a team that has the talent to be one of the best teams in the NFL.

After being fired, Reid became the head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs. This is another team that needs a lot of improvement and is looking to give Reid a fresh start.

In the past, Reid led the Eagles to five NFC Championship games. Four of those five were consecutive appearances from 2001-2004. He also took them to Super Bowl XXXIX in 2004.

Reid was fired by Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie on 20 December 2012. The firing was officially announced on 21 December 2012. Almost immediately after losing his job, Reid reached an agreement with the Kansas City Chiefs.

“I’m glad that he has been fired. He was not doing anything productive for them anymore,” sophomore Mason Duguay said.

The Birds’ fans seem to be joyful with the decision since much of the fan base was not happy with Reid because of recent failures.

The Philadelphia Eagles’ future remains in the balance. The team is hoping for many changes to turn this program around for the better.

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