Kelly Chooses Eagles over Ducks

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On 16 January, Chip Kelly shocked everyone when he decided to change his mind and make the jump from college football to the NFL.

After leading the Oregon Ducks to the Fiesta Bowl, Coach Kelly was interviewed for a bunch of NFL coaching jobs, but he announced that he would return to coaching at the University Oregon.

After a couple of weeks, Kelly changed his mind and signed a 5 year $32.5 million dollar contract with the Philadelphia Eagles.

The 49-year-old Chip Kelly played defensive back for the University of New Hampshire and was an assistant coach for the University from 1994-2006.

Coach Kelly was the offensive coordinator for one year at Oregon before becoming the head coach.

At Oregon, Kelly coached for four years.  Each year he was head coach, the ducks went to a BCS bowl. He also won three Pac10 conference championships along with many coach-of-the-year awards. Kelly had a 46-7 record at Oregon, including a BCS Championship appearance where the team lost to Auburn in the final seconds.

Chip Kelly is known for his up-tempo offence that he implemented at Oregon.  His offense includes a lot of unpredictable play, including 4th down attempts, trick plays, and two-point conversions.

Kelly is known to call a lot of option-type plays that involve the quarterback having to run. This makes fans wonder what he will do about the quarterback position for the Eagles.

He might keep Michael Vick because of his speed and running ability, use less mobile second year quarterback Nick Foles, or draft a new quarterback.

Many Eagles fans are eager to see what Chip Kelly decides in the next couple weeks and how he plans to use his offense in his first NFL job.  One thing is certain: the Eagles definitely need a lot of changes after a 4-12 season.

The one thing the Eagles do have is speed, and speed is exactly what Kelly’s offense requires.

If Kelly and general manager Howie Roseman can draft well and rebuild the offensive line along with parts of their defense, the eagles can be a much better team next year.

The move to hire Chip Kelly is an exciting move for Eagles fans; it brings an exciting style of play to Philadelphia.
It also raises a lot of questions on what he is going to do next and if it can be successful.

Passionate Eagles fans are eager to see what’s going to happen with this offense and if it can turn the Eagles back into a successful team.

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