Key to NHL Lockout has been Found

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It’s back!

The National Hockey League had a very late start to their 2013 season due to a long lockout, but all of that is over.

The season, which now contains 49 games, will have to be played in a span of 99 days.

Considering hockey is a sport that really takes a toll on the human body, this shortened season will be a challenge for the players and the coaches.

The first game of the season occurred  on Saturday,19  January, 2013, between the reigning champion Los Angeles Kings and the Chicago Blackhawks, a game in which the 2012 Stanley Cup winners were defeated 5-2.

“I’m so excited that the NHL is back. When I heard that there will be a season this year, I jumped for joy. This will put an end to my boredom,” sophomore Matt Masenheimer said.

Gary Bettman, the National Hockey League Commissioner, declared the lockout of the members of the National Hockey League Players’ Association (NHLPA) after a new agreement could not be reached.

The season was originally scheduled to begin on 11 October, 2012. The 2012-2013 season was shortened from 82-48 games. That is a reduction of 41.5 percent, or a loss of 34 games. The much shortened season will end on 27 April, 2013.

This unexpected loss in time caused the NHL to lose very exciting games, including the 2013 NHL Winter Classic between the Detroit Red Wings and the Toronto Maple Leafs.

In addition, the NHL cancelled the 2013 All-Star Game, which was scheduled for 27 January.

“Even though [the Flyers] didn’t have a hot start to the new season, I’m glad that I can at least watch some hockey now,” junior Jake Lash said.

A short season is far better than no season. Many of the hockey fans around the world are full of joy at the start of the new season.

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