Sterner Puts His Paw in at FAHS

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Evan Sterner is a new member to Fleetwood Area High School. Sterner is almost always in in-school, as he is Fleetwood’s new advisor, but he also monitors the cafe in the morning. Sterner is a Hamburg resident living with his wife, two-year-old daughter, and dog, Mingus.

Sterner went to Blue Mountain High School, has a bachelor’s degree in History, and was involved in a Teacher Certification Program at Alvernia in social studies. He has been substituting until he could find a full-time social studies teaching position.  Then he came across the opportunity to work for Fleetwood.

Now at Fleetwood, his day consists of e-mailing teachers for students’ work, helping his ISS students with work they find challenging, and also coming up with strategies to keep kids from getting into trouble again.

Sterner’s rules are straight forward: no talking, stay in your seat, and keep busy. His newest rule is that all phones get collected and locked up first thing.

“If someone is having an emotional day, I try to talk them through whatever might be going on,” Sterner said.

Playing guitar or bass in his band or by himself is a relaxer and great stress reliever for Sterner, along with listening to music by The Beatles, The Who, Jimi Hendrix, Pearl Jam, Rolling stones, 311, and Charles Mingus.  Sterner also enjoys the occasional Black Ops shootout on PS3 and playing with his daughter.

“It’s amazing to see my daughter figure things out, dance around, and giggle,” Sterner said.

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