Shippensburg Gains National Attention

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In February 2012, Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania began selling Plan B, a contraceptive pill, in its vending machines.

For $25, students who attend Shippensburg can purchase Plan B in a vending machine in the same way somebody in Fleetwood can purchase a water bottle.

At the time, the story created a lot of controversy and generated a lot of press. It was covered on Fox News, CNN, and was even made fun of on humorous programs such as Saturday Night Live and Tosh.0.

The story faded a few months after initially gaining popularity, and many people forgot about it as time went on. However, the topic has resurfaced recently.

On 29 January 2013, the Obama administration finally formally approved of Shippensburg distributing of the pill in its vending machines.

It also approved of condoms, decongestants, and pregnancy tests also being available in vending machines as well.

The FDA decided not to intervene in the matter due to a “publicly motivated uproar” following the initial controversy about the vending machines.

Of course, the school’s decisions did not come without any debate. A large audience of people immediately opposed Shippensburg’s decisions, claiming that the presence of the contraceptives in the vending machines would encourage sexual activity for students who lived on the school’s campus.

With the amount of exposure the presence of Plan B had in the media, Shippensburg University gained a place in the national spotlight for a short time.

Even though many opposed it, the school’s actions finally were approved by the Obama administration. Perhaps there will be more colleges and universities doing the same thing in the near future.

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