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Zombie love, brain-eaters, controlling societies, and, of course, an unforgettable love story! Warm Bodies was an instant hit.

“I’ve wanted to see that movie so bad! It seriously looks amazing!” senior Cameron Weeks said.

What most people do not know is that Warm Bodies was actually a book before it became a movie. Warm Bodies was written by Isaac Marion. He was born in Seattle in 1981 and is currently still living there. He started writing in high school and has since then created three novels, one of which was Warm Bodies.

No matter how hard the movie business tries, movies are almost never the same as the books. The same is the case for Warm Bodies.

[Spoiler Alert]

The main zombie is named R. He is a zombie that has not seemed to be a zombie for too long, seeing how he wasn’t as decayed as the others. In the movie, R commented on trying to remember his past and said how he must have been unemployed because of the type of clothes he was wearing.

He was wearing dark jeans, a red zip-up hoodie with a white tee underneath, and black Converse sneakers. In the book, though, R is dressed in nice khakis with a button up polo and a red tie. This wasn’t too big of an issue but still, it irked me a bit.

In the book, R had children. The boneys, which are basically the zombie leaders, married R to another zombie and then assigned children to them to foster. This was never mentioned in the movie. Though you do see the children in the movie once or twice, they aren’t R’s children.

Next was the similarity of the movie plot. I was very impressed how well the movie plot followed the plot in the book. Almost everything was comparable. Only a few things were missing, one of which was a very important event in the book.

Both the plot of how R found Julie and their story together was completely accurate.

R found Julie in a building while he was on a hunt with another pack of zombies. At the building, R attacked Julie’s boyfriend and ate his brains.

When the zombies eat the brains, they get the memories of their victims. It helps them remember what it felt like to be alive.

R eats the boyfriend’s brains and instantly falls in love with Julie. He then feels as if he has to protect Julie and take her back to the airport (where all the zombies live).

Of course, Julie will have to return to her father’s city, which was surrounded by a gigantic cement wall and is the only remaining idea of a society. Julie’s father happens to be the leader of this society, and he will do anything to keep the zombies out.

Julie eventually leaves, but she ends up missing R while back in the city. R then discovers that he is changing and can talk more easily.  He can feel cold and even a heartbeat inside of this chest.

It isn’t only R that is changing either.

R then gets a herd of zombies who are also changing, and they all go to the city to find Julie so R can tell her that they are changing and becoming human.

R and these zombies no longer have the urge to feed, so they are considered safe.

Once in the city, R goes inside and seems to blend in with the people who are in the city.  R eventually finds Julie when she is up on a balcony. He yells up to her, the best he could, and they finally find each other.

Here is where everything gets messed up. In the book, R and Julie hide in the city for a while with her best friend Nora. One night, they all go to a hidden bar in the city and have a few drinks.

Later that night, R gets separated from the girls and a guard sees him walking down the street drunk. The guard realizes he is a zombie, and R has no other choice but to kill the guy.

Ridden by guilt, R tells Julie, and the stadium goes under lockdown because someone discovered the body. Julie’s father then goes into the house, and that is how he finds Julie with a zombie.

Her father, being the leader, sets out on a hunt to kill R.

In the movie, Julie just went straight up to her father to tell him that R is a zombie and that he is changing and turning human again. They completely ignore the intensity of the original scene and just jump straight to the point.

Regardless, when the cat is out of the bag, the entire city goes under lockdown and is out to kill R.

There is just one more difference between the book and the movie that truly takes the cake. In the end of the movie, Julie’s father sees that R is officially human and accepts what has happened and tries to fix everything. In the book, Julie’s father despises the fact that R was even a zombie in the first place, and a boney jumps on to the roof that they were all standing on. This boney attacks Julie’s father, but he doesn’t even stop to save himself because he is so disgusted in his daughter.

The filmmakers probably wanted a happier ending , but both the movie and the book end with R and Julie both human, together and happy.

Both the movie and the book were fantastic. The movie was followed the original story well, except for a few scenes. As in every case, the book is much better than the movie.

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