Are Anonymous Hackers ‘Good’ Criminals?

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The hacking group that goes by the not very original name of “Anonymous” has been causing a lot of issues in the United States lately. They are what is now currently called a group of “hacktivists”.

This means that, while they are indeed hacking, which is illegal, they are not doing it for bad intentions.

The group’s members can be recognized in public wearing “Guy Fawkes” masks. These masks are used to represent rebellion, as shown in the movie, V for Vendetta.

Anonymous is not hacking for any real particular reason. They are just in it for fun to show what is possible.

“‘We [Anonymous] just happen to be a group of people on the Internet who need—just kind of an outlet to do as we wish, that we wouldn’t be able to do in regular society. …That’s more or less the point of it. Do as you wish. … There’s a common phrase: ‘we are doing it for the ‘lulz,’” member Trent Peacock said,

This shows the rest of the world that the group does not really care what they do and that they have no regard for anyone or anything else they may harm.

The group uses all types of different ways to communicate over the Internet. They use things such as wikis, internet chat relays, Facebook, and YouTube.

There isn’t a true leader; therefore, the group relies on the members to organize events both online and in real life scenarios. There is also no true way to join Anonymous; members join simply by wanting to be a part of it.

Although this group is committing crimes, they are not always as bad as they seem. There was a man by the name of Chris Forcand, who was an alleged child predator, and before the police were tracking him, there were people online also trying to track him.

There was a report on television that exposed these people as the “self-described Internet vigilante group called Anonymous.” The people tracking Forcand released the information they had to the police, and shortly after, the man was apprehended.

While this group may be hacking into some big sites here, such as the United States Sentencing Commission’s website, and committing some crimes over the Internet, they may not be as bad as everyone has made them out to be.

Anonymous  is also doing positive things with their power as well. Knowing about these positive things going on in just America makes one wonder, since they are a worldwide group, what good they could be doing elsewhere…

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