Abusive Relationships: Help is Always There

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Dating abuse and violence are major problems in our society.  All over the country and the world, millions of people are being abused by their partners.

This is a major concern for the human race as a whole. If acting abusive towards someone one “loves” is an everyday event, our society will suffer.

In today’s day and age, the human race should be sophisticated enough to not need to abuse someone.  It shouldn’t be necessary for someone to need to hit someone else or scream at someone in order to feel important.

To truly understand abusive relationships, the motives behind it need to be understood.

Many of the people who are abusive do so because they themselves have extreme emotional issues.  Some people feel that, since they were abused, then they need to take out all of their bottled up emotions on someone else.

Another common situation that causes abuse is a traumatic event happening in one’s life, for instance a parent walking out or dying.  Most abusers have a broken home themselves.

Another reason these people feel the need to be abusive is for power. They think they feel powerful when they are hurting someone or something else.

They feel that if their “victim” is basically begging them to stop, they have won. They need to be in complete control and have unlimited power, and they love the rush they get from this.

Also, there can be drugs and/or alcohol involved. This is usually the worst kind of abuse that happens because the person is not in the right state of mind.  They are not in full control of what they are doing. They are just acting without thinking about anything. It can also be the worst because the person being abused takes pity on them, saying things such as, “He couldn’t help it; he was drinking again; he didn’t know”.

There is always help for those being abused. There are plenty of talk lines and support groups people can join in order to better their lives.

Usually the only way to escape an abusive relationship is to just cut it off completely.

This can be hard for a lot of people, which is why talk lines, such as Berks Talk Line, and support groups are there to help make it easier on the person.

These places recommend that, if anyone is being abused or knows someone who is, to make the call.  It could save someone’s life from the pain, misery, and suffering of the abusive relationship. Remember, there is always help.

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