UEFA Champions League In Progress

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The UEFA Champions League is a very prestigious tournament in which the top four teams of each European soccer  league are selected to compete.

It is also currently one of the most watched sporting events in the world, a stage in which the most elite players and teams have a chance to showcase their talents and abilities.

In the previous year, Chelsea FC ended up winning the treble over FC Bayern Munich.

The game ended theatrically in penalties when Chelsea’s main man, Didier Drogba, finished off the Germans.  That was the first time the English club has ever won the European Cup in their entire history, and probably not their last.

“The Champions League is my favorite league to watch,” Sophomore Austin Young said. “It is always the best clubs competing.”

The most successful team in the tournament’s history is the Spanish club of Real Madrid.

The team has prevailed in the tournament nine times, including the first five times it competed, a staggering number for one club to have accomplished.

This may be the reason why the Madridistas (Real Madrid fans) expect so much from the talented squad.

The only team to even come close to such success is the Italian club of AC Milan, which won seven times.

“I don’t usually watch the Champions League too often, but I was very happy last year when Chelsea won,” sophomore Wyatt Pensinger said.

Besides the World Cup, this is the most frequently watched event in the world for soccer fans. It is a very competitive league, and it is loved by soccer fans all over the world.

“I love the champions league.  I always have all my teammates over to watch the game.  It’s always a good time,” senior Christian Boyer said.

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