Apple/Android Feud Continues

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Team Edward or Team Jacob?

Ketchup or Mustard?

Republican or Democrat?

What about Apple or Android?

In modern times , “Apple or Android?” seems to be one of the most popular and strongly debated questions.

Some say that iPhones are just nicer, and some say that Android is just cooler, but the truth is, do we really know which one is better? Has anybody ever really taken the time to research everything that iPhones or Androids feature?

There are several different students’ opinions on the different types of phones. Many students in the Fleetwood student body are actually Android or Apple users exclusively. There are barely any people left who do not own either one or the other type of smartphone.

Zach Cronrath is an iPhone 4S user.

“This was my very first phone, and I have no issues with it,” Cronrath said.

“Android has more free apps and free music, better features, and more customization available. It’s just overall better,” Abigail Lasher said.

Sam Costello on ABOUT.COM made a guide on things that are different between iPhones and Androids. On this list, there are 13 factors used to select a winner at the end. The different types of factors are Hardware: Choice vs. Polish, OS Compatibility: A Waiting Game, Apps: Selection vs. Control, Gaming: A Growing Giant, GPS Navigation: Free Wins—For Everyone, Flash: A Difficult Choice, Battery Life: Consistent Improvement, Screen Size: How Big is Too Big?, Networking: Tied in 4G, and Carriers: 4 vs. 3.

Costello made extremely valuable and informative points on each brand during these categories, but in the end both models seemed to be equally successful.

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