Random Cheese: What Is Your Biggest Fear?

Posted on April 25, 2013 by


“Elevators, hands down.” – Rachael Knarr, 12th
“Whales.”- Joseph Roman, 12th
“Literally everything.” –Abbey Porambo, 12th
“Drowning and dying.”- Desirae Lesher, 12th
“Snakes.”- Kelly Zuber, 11th
“Thunderstorms.”- Stephanie Walker, 9th
“Bugs.”- Ashley Wellman, 9th
“Snakes.”- Olivia Leenhouts, 9th
“Not being able to think of a fear or phobia.”- Adam Shapiro, 9th
“Waking up tomorrow with hair like Mr. Heck.”- Matt Kellet, Teacher

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