Head Coach of Rutgers Fired for Abusing Players

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On 3 April, disturbing video clips were released to the public showing Rutgers basketball coach Mike Rice physically and verbally abusing his players during practice.

ESPN aired the video clips, which depicted Mike Rice throwing basketballs at his players and also yelling at them and pushing them. Also on the video, viewers could also see Jimmy Martelli shouting homosexual slurs and pushing players.

The videos were brought to the athletic director, Tim Pernetti, in December, but he was only suspended three games and fined $50,000 dollars.

After the video was shown on ESPN, the next day the University fired head coach Mike Rice.

The community and school were in awe of what was going on at their school.  Jimmy Martelli, the other culprit, resigned on the same day.

Athletic director, Tim Pernetti, and senior vice president, John Wolf, also resigned with pressure on the school to fire them for only giving Mike Rice a suspension and not firing him right away.

Coaches are known to yell at their players to pump them up or discipline them, but Mike Rice went completely over the line. Yelling homosexual slurs, pushing, and throwing basketballs at players is absolutely uncalled for.

When sportscaster Jim Rome asked NBA All-Star Kobe Bryant about Mike Rice, he responded by saying, “I probably would have smacked the [heck] out of him.  It probably wouldn’t have been the best way to react, but I definitely would have done it.”

“I’ve been yelled at by coaches before, but never anything that serious. I would not be able to play for someone who abuses his players like that. Mike Rice doesn’t deserve to coach another team ever,” senior Micah Storms said.

On 18 April, Rutgers University signed Eddie Jordan to be the next coach of the Scarlet Knights.  Jordan has a lot of coaching experience with the Sacramento Kings, Washington Wizards, and the Philadelphia 76ers. Jordan played for Rutgers from 1973-1977 and hopes to turn around his alma mater’s team.

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