Miller-Keystone Blood Drive Honors Jim Fry

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Every spring and fall, FAHS hosts a generous means of demonstrating kindness and community.

The Miller-Keystone Blood Clinic comes to FAHS for an entire day so that people can donate blood to those in need.

Miller-Keystone will be setting up a donation center at the school on 2 May 2013.

Every blood drive is important to all of the Miller-Keystone employees and patients, but this year it is something a bit more meaningful because this blood drive involves one of Fleetwood’s very own.

Jim Fry is a fifth-grade middle school teacher at Fleetwood. Fry has been very sick over the past couple of years, and on Christmas Eve of 2012 he received a phone call he would never forget, one that told him a new heart and a liver awaited him.

Christmas Day, Fry was put into surgery to have a heart and liver transplant. During this procedure, Fry had multiple blood transfusions.

The Miller-Keystone Blood Drive for this spring is in honor of Mr. Fry. He is one of the many people who need  donors’ help to save lives.

Every two seconds, somebody in the United States needs blood. Every day, Americans need more than 44,000 blood donations. One donation can save up to three peoples’ lives.

The blood drive will be in the High School Auxiliary Gym from 7:15 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Any student who is over 17 years of age is allowed to donate blood, but the donating isn’t only for students. Any family members, staff members, or other members of the community are allowed to donate.

“Please consider being a part of this very worthwhile cause in honoring Mr. Fry,” nurse Bonnie Fansler said.

Students can sign up at lunches and/or talk to Bonnie Fansler in the High School Nurse’s office. Every single donation counts, so please help this year and donate!

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