High Praise for The Story So Far

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Hailing from Walnut Creek, California, The Story so Far is a pop punk band that recently released its second studio album, What You Don’t See. The album’s release was met with a positive response, receiving praise from music critics and fans alike and going as high as #46 on the Billboard 200 Chart.

Following the success of their first album released in 2011, Under Soil and Dirt, expectations were high for The Story so Far’s follow up. It is safe to say that, based fan response, these expectations were exceeded.

What You Don’t See brings back the elements that made Under Soil and Dirt so good and even improves upon them. The talented musicianship contributes to making catchy and energetic instrumentals led by the vocals of frontman Parker Cannon.  And this combination is better than ever on the band’s second album.

Although The Story so Far does not change too much in their overall sound, a few noticeable differences are present in their sophomore album.

For starters, the band’s musicianship has improved, creating a much more refined  sound. There was almost a complete lack of flaws throughout the entire album, making it a near perfect release.

From start to finish, What You Don’t See never disappoints. The album never lets up, with each song set at a brisk pace. What might have disappointed some fans was the lack of a slower, acoustic track, much like Under Soil and Dirt’s “Placeholder.” Still, the lack of a slower song takes nothing away from an already excellent release.

The best part of the album exists at its core, tracks five through eight. It consists of the songs “Right Here,” “Empty Space,” “The Glass,” and “All Wrong.” All of these songs perfectly capture what The Story So Far is all about, with provocative lyrics such as, “You were the spade I used to dig this hole, blistered my skin to the bone,” backed by catchy pop punk instrumentals and Parker Cannon’s powerful vocals

Overall, What You Don’t See is a great album exceeds expectations. The Story so Far eclipsed its first release with a very impressive encore to an already solid oeuvre. They will be on tour all summer at the 2013 Vans Warped Tour.

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