FAHS German Students Participate in KU Competition

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On Wednesday, 10 April, Kutztown University hosted the inaugural World Languages Meet. Fleetwood German students competed in several events, taking home the second place prize in the events Virtual Amazing Language Race and Taboorades. They were the only team that participated in the Cultural Presentation.  The festivities began at 8:30 a.m. and lasted until 4:30 p.m.

The language competition forced students to use their knowledge of German and other communication skills in several events.

The first event was the Virtual Amazing Language Race, a scavenger hunt inspired by the TV show “The Amazing Race.”  Shea Oswald, Tiana Tracy, and Peter Sitarik competed in this component.

Next up was Taboorades, a game of charades played by Brian Keeney, Becky Zerbe, and Rob Kohl.

“It was difficult because we got all the hard words,” Becky Zerbe said. “It was still pretty fun though.”

Finally, students Becca Weida, Veronika Kraft, Aaron Kulaga, Ian Grafe, and Piper O’Keefe prepared a presentation for the Cultural Presentation. They were the only team who competed, much to Frau Moll’s surprise.

“I was extremely proud of all my students,” Moll said.

Overall, this was a fun day for students and a great way for them to utilize their language skills. Frau Moll already has her eyes set on next year’s competition.

“It was both fun and intense, and we’re already looking forward to participating next year!” Moll said.

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