Dominican Republic Dominates WBC

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The World Baseball Classic (WBC) is a world-wide baseball tournament that is held in the spring every year. Each country in the world has the opportunity to compete if they want to.

As a substitute to spring training, some Major League Baseball athletes compete with their home country’s team. The MLB still keeps track of their statistics, but they are not required to play during spring training.

The 2013 World Baseball Classic champion was the Dominican Republic. With many professional baseball players on the team, the Dominican Republic always is a competitive contender in the tournament.

The island nation defeated Puerto Rico in the intense championship, 3-0. Both teams matched up well against each other, but Dominican Republic came out on top.

“I had Dominican Republic winning the whole thing right from the start. There was no doubt in my mind they were going to be a great competitive club. They have a stacked team though, which makes it kind of unfair,” junior Wes Hawkins said.

Before the championship game, Dominican Republic’s record was 7-0, and after the win in the championship, they were the first team to win the championship unbeaten. The powerhouse beat Puerto Rico once in each round of the tournament.

With hundreds of players in the Major Leagues, Dominican Republic cemented itself as being one of the top baseball countries in Latin America and now probably the whole world.

“It was pretty predictable that the Dominican Republic was going to go all the way. They made minimal errors, had a defense, and executed when they needed to,” junior Josh Conrath said.

The World Baseball Classic is a competitive tournament that is taken very seriously for many countries. It just goes to show that not all great talent are in the MLB but can be found all over the world.

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