Memorable Band Trip Ends with a Sputter

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From Thursday, 11 April, to Monday, 15 April, the 2013 annual music department trip took place. For some kids, it was their last—and one which they will be sure to never forget.

Every year, the music department trip takes place at one of many locations. This year, the department went to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

“I knew this trip was going to be one of my favorites since it was at such a perfect location. It was a great location for my last and most exciting band trip,” senior Aaron Nelson said.

For many seniors, this year’s band trip was fun but depressing, a good time to just hang out and enjoy a few days with friends before embarking upon the world.

Each year, the students come back with countless stories and memories that will never be forgotten, which is why it is so hard for the seniors to say goodbye to their final trip.

“Each year I look forward to having a blast on the band trip, but I am kind of upset that it was my last one. It truly makes high school a memorable time,” senior Anthony Batista said.

Students had the opportunity to relax on the beach, hang out in their hotel rooms, walk around shopping, and participate in many other fantastic activities.  But they did not forget the real reason they were in Myrtle Beach—to compete and bring back some hardware.

This year’s trip brought many surprises on the final day, when the music department was heading home. First, a bus lost air conditioning, leaving students roasting all in one bus. Then, another bus had a flat tire.  On top of that, the students and chaperones had to wait for hours at a parking lot near local fast food restaurants until another bus finally came to the rescue.

“Even though we got back to the school around 3:30 a.m., the trip was still worth it. Through all the troubles we encountered, we managed to make the most of it and still had lots of fun,” senior Hayden Smith said.

Through all the bad things that went wrong on the last day, the students still were able to have fun.

The seniors captained all of the music groups to many awards. The graduating seniors will have a hard time forgetting the 2013 music department trip and will have a lot of great memories to share amongst each other after they graduate.

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