Boston Bomber Suspects In Government Custody

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On Monday, 15 April, the peace of Boston was shattered when a bomb tore through countless runners, spectators, and civilians. Though at first law enforcement didn’t have many leads, it did not take them long to get on the case.

Soon surveillance videos revealed the two lead suspects to be brothers Tamerlan Tsarnaev and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. As soon as they were identified, law enforcement began putting out posters labeling both Tsarnaevs as persons of interest, but it did not take long for them to make their presence known.

Thursday, 18 April, the Tsarnaevs held up a convenience store in what was believed to be desperation.  The crime ended with the shooting and death of an MIT campus officer. The Tsarnaevs then hijacked an SUV, which led to a high-speed chase involving the Tsarnaevs and law enforcement, followed by an intense shootout that left Tamerlan dead and Dzhokhar wounded and on the run.

To find and bring Dzhokhar into custody, the police at daybreak of Friday, 19 April, mounted a manhunt that left the a large portion of Boston under lockdown. On that very day, a Boston resident went into his backyard and noticed not only a tear in the tarp covering his boat but blood on the boat as well. The homeowner called 911, leading to a final standoff between Dzhokhar and police before Tsarnaev surrendered.

Following his arrest, Boston’s mayor issued a statement congratulating law enforcement on how quickly and professionally they handled the issue, and thanking Boston’s citizens for their bravery and cooperation. However, even after Tsarnaev’s arrest things did not continue perfectly.

For starters, there is the infamous interview of Tsarnaev’s mother saying that her sons were framed and demanding to know why Tamerlan was killed and why Dzhokhar had not been released yet. Then there was also the fact that Dzhokhar, due to a neck wound, was unable to speak to authorities until recently.

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