Reporter Bio: Mia Nowotarski

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NowotarskiMia Nowotarski is originally from the Exeter school district. After sixth grade, she moved to the Fleetwood Area School District, where she is currently enrolled as a sophomore.

Outside of school, Mia is very friend- and family- oriented. She has two brothers and two sisters, along with one dog and one cat. If she had money to do so, she would take her friends and grandparents on vacation. Nowotarski spends most of her time outside of school with her friends.

Mia has traveled multiple times within and outside the United States. Her most exotic trip has been to the Dominican Republic, where she went on a safari.

Within the school atmosphere, her main focus is English class. She is interested in writing, which is why she enjoys English as much as she does.

Nowotarski plans on attending college in South Carolina, Florida, or California so she can enjoy the scenery while furthering her education.

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