Reporter Bio: Cassandra Stankiewicz

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StankiewiczCassandra Stankiewicz’s main reason for choosing this class is that she likes to write. She enjoys writing about fantasy and fiction, which is also her favorite to read.  Some of her favorite books are The Mortal Instruments or Vampire Academy series.

Cassie plans on attending either Kutztown University or Albright after high school for a PhD in literature. With her PhD in literature, she would either like to teach 10th or 11th grade, or be an editor. She would go to Albright because her father went there, and it is a good school; she would go to KU because of better job opportunities.

In five years, Cassie hopes to own a house in the country so she can have a horse to ride in her own yard, attend college for her PhD, and own a puppy. In ten years, she believes she will still be in school but traveling regularly. Cassie would like to visit Bermuda because, when her mother was pregnant with her, they went there, and she would like to experience the area first-hand.

Her most significant memories are her parents’ divorce when she was younger and getting her two dogs. Both of her dogs are German Shepherds, and their names are Venus and Thor. Cassie’s favorite teacher is Mrs. Wilkinson because Cassie loves English and enjoys the side notes on her creative writing pieces (also, because Cassie likes glitter). Her biggest pet peeve is  bad drivers and when people make her repeat herself. Cassie’s biggest fear is claustrophobia; in small amounts, thunder because her grandmother made her paranoid of it; and bugs.

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