Expierenced Cheerleading Coach Arrives in Fleetwood

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1-Nowotarski-promotion-2010“We are bringing Fleetwood to the next generation of cheerleading!” Fleetwood’s new 2013-2014 cheerleading coach Cathy Bower said.

Bower has always known she wanted to be involved in instructing cheerleading or dance. She decided that, when her daughter Chloe joined the cheerleading squad in kindergarten, it would be a good time to start coaching.

Bower was a varsity cheerleader for Pleasant Valley High School. Her expectations for the Fleetwood cheerleading team are for them to be confident and try their best at everything that is given to them.

Bower wants to give them every opportunity to be their best. She hopes that Fleetwood cheerleaders will place in the top three at the BCIAA Championship.

As of now, however, the squad is short male participants, who could enable basket tosses to become higher and stunts more complex.

If the opportunity arises, Bower would be honored to continue coaching Fleetwood cheerleaders next year.

Aside from being a cheerleading coach, Bower is a stay at home mom. She keeps herself occupied by also coaching the junior two team for Spring Valley Heat/Heat Athletics All-star cheerleading.  Bower also volunteers at her children’s school.  She is the cheerleading coordinator for The Fleetwood Area Youth Football and Cheerleading Association as well as a Mighty Mite Cheerleading Coach.

Bower was born in Jersey City, New Jersey. She grew up in Ridgefield Parks, NJ and Brodheadsville, PA. As of now, Bower is a resident of Blandon with her family. She still cheers on the Spring Valley Heat/Heat Athletics Parent Team.

“Gone are the days when cheerleaders just clapped their hands and maybe did the occasional cartwheel. Today’s cheerleaders are performing very elaborate routines, including gymnastics, tumbling, and gravity-defying stunts,” Bower said.  “For some, cheerleading is just as important as the athletes they support, and many cheerleading teams are more focused on performing competitive routines than just rooting for their teams. These days, cheerleading is more of a sport in itself, with the participants performing gymnastic and dance routines with plenty of running and jumping.”

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