Rowe Brings Hockey to Fleetwood

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“I have been a student of the game and involved in hockey for over twenty-five years, having played and coached Dek, Roller, and Ice at multiple levels”, FAHS hockey coach Stephen Rowe said.

Rowe has been around hockey for a while, and he knows what he is doing. He plans on challenging the varsity players at every practice, and he wants every player to be able to play at their highest level.

“I am impressed by the turnout this year, but I would like to continue to grow the team. We have a few Varsity roster spots available and plan to build a practice squad for players to enhance their skills. I encourage anyone interested in playing to contact me,” said Rowe.

A decent amount of kids signed up, and Rowe encourages more people to contact him if they are interested in playing. He has a couple of more spots open on the varsity team.

This is also the first year for Fleetwood’s team and yet there have still been a lot of players.

“This team will need to be disciplined on the ice and in the classroom. I expect the team to work to the best of their abilities with schoolwork, in practice, and during games. Based on what I have seen, there is no reason Fleetwood cannot challenge any team in our league,” said Rowe.

Rowe wants the classroom to be just as important as hockey.  He pushes school first, over everything. He expects the players to work to the best of their abilities in both school and hockey. The team’s expectations are sky-high.

“I expect the team to go at least .500 this year,” player Frankie Talarico said.

This is Talarico’s first year playing hockey. He thinks it is a great thing that Fleetwood is breaking away from Muhlenberg and becoming its own team.

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