Fall Fashion Strikes a New Look

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Wool button down jackets are out!

The fashion this year has a lot of different and striking features. Seeing the comparison from last year to this year, there is a more dazzling new direction for fall fashion.

Vogue magazine’s fall fashion of 2013 is composed of bejeweled rocker chick dresses, short skirts, scarfs, and long-closet-life- purses.

According to Vogue,  “Fall 2013 is a season of quality, of opposites attracting”.

This has led to a lot of different and exotic clothing for this fall.

Sophomore Piper Brown said she likes to wear “jeans, sweatshirts, and boots”.

Glamour’s take on fall fashion this year includes long dresses, exotic tights, long raincoats, contrasting collars, very large hats, and neutral (yet eye-catching) designs on clothing.

Sophomore Katie Werner said she likes to wear “leggings, hoodies, and Ugg boots”.

Pac Sun’s new trend for this year is long button down sweaters. The color this year for attire is darker than most years, but maroon is definitely in. Also, high-waisted exotic color jeans are fashionable for the season.

Junior Shaq Cob said he likes to wear “jeans, long-sleeve shirts, and sweatshirts”.

Students have a long way to go to transition from boots, leggings, and sweatshirts to long dresses and large hats.

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