Field of Screams is back for a haunting

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On Friday, 13 September, Field of Screams opened for their twentieth year, but they will open with four attractions this season. Not only will Field of Screams open with the three creepy attractions they have had in previous years, but they have also added new dimensions to create more even more fear.

Field of Screams is one amazing experience guests will not want to miss. It has been featured on the Travel Channel as part of the show “America’s Scariest Haunted Attractions Part Two” and the cover of Hauntworld Magazine. In 2013, Hauntworld Magazine was voted one of the best haunted attractions.

The Haunted Hayride, also the original attraction that began in 1993, is a twenty-minute tour of horror where the victims are pulled by a tractor through a tall corn field with a surround sound system, where a lighting machine sends off about three and a half million volts.
The wagon then takes the riders through a renovated Slaughterhouse where a family of butchers awaits. If the guests have survived that terrifying experience, they will go through the Toxic Village where there are numerous undead creatures watching the passengers.
Along the way, riders will be taken to a drive-in theater, where people should watch the shadows. To end the Hayride, the riders will be terrified to find themselves surrounded by a chainsaw band.

The second terrifying attraction, added in 1995, is the Den of Darkness. The Den of Darkness was built in one of the three-story barns that was originally on the property for Field of Screams. Once inside the Den, the customers find themselves in the middle of a séance, but don’t get too cozy! The spirits may come out to play.

If the customers are brave enough after that spooky experience, they can make their way up three floors of dreadfulness. They are first taken to the Torture Chamber, then to the Arachnophobia Crypt, where human-sized spiders await them.

After a while, they are taken to a new part of the Den of Darkness added in 2013, the Boiler Room, where, legend has it, a man walks around the dark and damp halls. The only way to flee that terror is through a narrow passageway that leads to a trophy room filled with animal heads. Even after all that, there are still many more creepy rooms.
“I don’t have a favorite attraction because I don’t like Field of Screams,” sophomore Jake Wetherhold said. 

In 2002, Field of Screams re-opened the Frightmare Asylum, which is a four-story barn also housed in one of the original buildings on the property. Before entering the Asylum, guests will get the chance to talk to the physician to learn about how he likes to torture his victims, a new experience as of 2013.

Immediately after stepping inside the Asylum, the guests will meet crazy patients and creatures who lurk in the shadows. While the guests are inside of the Asylum, they will see firsthand some of the experiments that go on. Some experiments are done by the physicians, and some will be done by a dentist.

Guests will have the opportunity to walk through the autopsy room of the Asylum where undead things will greet them; unfortunately, guests have to squeeze their way out of the room. Guests will then notice an inmate trying to smash his way out of his cell.

But do not try to run away from the Asylum! If you do, Freako the clown and his insane clown friends will chase you.

The newest attraction for 2013 is the Nocturnal Wasteland. Contrasting the previous three attractions, this attraction is outdoors, where guests have to walk along a haunted trail. The guests enter the trail, but, since no one can be trusted, the demented creatures hunt down people as they get deeper and deeper into the trail.

What happens to those guests? You’ll have to find out for yourself. The Nocturnal Wasteland brings nightmares into reality and creates great fear in everybody.

Field of Screams also has its first annual zombie fun run event. This is held on 9 November during the daytime. It is a 5K Fun Run, in which participants can either be a zombie or a runner. The goal for the runner is to keep all their lives, three flags on a belt, and make it to the end of the race. After the race, everyone is invited to join in on the fun at the Living Dead After Party.

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