Fall Blood Drive Saves Lives

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Fleetwood will be holding its tenth annual blood drive on 24 October from 7:15 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  Miller-Keystone works with Fleetwood to get students to help out or give blood.

Students wanting to give blood must be seventeen years of age and are not permitted to have tattoos or piercings within the past year. However, piercings may vary depending on the location.

Miller-Keystone services all hospitals in the area, and, amazingly, most of the blood donated comes from students in high school. Students who donate now are more likely to be lifelong donors.

“Please consider donating your time and blood to save a life,” Mrs. Fansler states.

One reason for donating blood is knowing a person can help save somone’s life. Each unit of blood can save up to three lives, and each student who helps out at a blood drive or donates four times will receive a red cord to wear at graduation.

By getting involved, students could win a scholarship when graduation comes. Four students from any of the surrounding schools have the opportunity to win a scholarship, and a Fleetwood high school student could be one of them.

Several students are already signed up to participate in helping Mrs. Fansler. Students in any grade level can help out, so everyone should consider.

Donating blood only takes about ten minutes, but the process takes about an hour per student. During that process a person’s levels need to be checked, including iron, and a list of requirements needs to be met before donating. A snack will also be provided for each student after donating.

Sign-ups will be out during any of the three lunch periods within the next few weeks, or students can visit the health room for more information.

People donating could save your life one day, so help do your part.

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