iPhone/Android Debate Unsettled

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People are forever comparing iPhones and Androids.

The iPhone 5 and the Android Galaxy S4 are the newest phones on the market right now. People never know which to choose, or else they are talked into purchasing something based on other people’s opinions.

“If you don’t have an iPhone, you’re doing it wrong,” Kayla Lynn Daniels said.  “I love my iPhone, and I’ve had it since eighth grade.”

But Android Galaxies are right up there in popularity with the iPhone.

“I like my Galaxy because the screen is much bigger, ”Cyre Virgo said.

iPhones are more likely to break than Android Galaxies, but with all the protective cases these days, most people keep their phones safe.

“I like my iPhone because of the wide variety of cases I can get off the Internet,” Tyler Emge said.

The newest software for the iPhone, the iOS7, has received mixed reviews.

“I love the new update because it makes the phone different,” Kae Huang said.

iOS7 also had many problems while downloading.

“It took about four hours for iOS 7 to download onto my phone,” Brendan Homan said.

On the other hand, Android’s newest release, the Galaxy S4 active has a built-in water-proof system inside the phone.  The Galaxy S4 can also shut off TVs.

“Galaxies are so much nicer than iPhones because they can do more things,” Nate Mayer said.

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