Delong Hits Big for Fleetwood Softball

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ciaradelongWhen Ciara Delong plays softball in Florida for a showcase tournament, people will be mesmerized by her talent. She wants to play softball as a career when she is older.

She started playing softball when she was only five-years-old. Her mom inspired her to play softball just like she did when she was Ciara’s age.

“She is a very dedicated athlete who has great leadership as a player. She has the best attitude and always helps her fellow teammates. Also, she gives 100% on and off the field,” Delong’s coach said.

The first team Delong played on was the Fleetwood area softball team. But, her favorite team would have to be The Outlaws.  Her dream is to play on the U.S.A. National team.

Delong traveled a lot of places to play softball. Her favorite place was Salisbury, Maryland, where she traveled for the World Series. Her team did not win the World Series but did receive third in the state for the whole east coast.

“I coached a lot of players, but she is my favorite player and friend,” Delong’s coach says.

She also has her own website, NCSA recruiting. Delong is very dedicated to playing softball.

Her favorite component of softball is the competitiveness and the feeling after winning a good game. She also loves playing with her friends.

Delong is so talented at playing softball that she won over 100 games in her life. She takes the sport very seriously.

“The way Ciara plays now, she will make All-County all 3 years, and in the future, she will be playing for a Division 1 college of her choice,” her coach goes said.

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