Nike/Adidas Feud Sparks Heated Controversy

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There are many different brands of sports and clothing out there. Nike and Adidas are the two main competitors. Fleetwood students offered several differing opinions on which one is better.

“I’m an Adidas kind of guy,” Shaq Cobb said.

“I like Nike clothing,” Kayla Lynn Daniels said.

Each company makes the same thing, just in a different style or feel. For sportswear, the new trend for sports at Nike is Nike Pro Combat, which has been a main seller for a while now.

Nike also owns the number-one selling shoe, the Jordan. Nike owns the Jordan shoe and clothing company, which means that much of Nike’s revenue is derived from this partnership. Those who say they like Jordan sneakers are also, possibly unbeknownst to them, favoring Nike.

Adidas also makes clothing as well, mostly sportswear, ranging from football gear to underwear. Adidas also sells generic kinds of shoes.

Adidas and Nike both try to promote their product by having celebrities wear their clothing. Adidas has a big-name celebrity in Robert Griffin III, the quarterback for the Washington Redskins.

Nike also has a lot of athletes wearing their clothing, but their biggest promoter is the NFL. All of the NFL’s jerseys and pants are made by Nike.

“I am a Nike guy, and I will never buy Adidas,” Thaddeus Cornick said.

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