Kenyan Disturbance Raises American Fears

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On 21 Saturday, 2013, in Nairobi, Kenya, a terrible event occurred in the Westgate mall. This well-kept mall was overrun by about 10 terrorists who were out for blood, and nothing else.

This takeover of the mall lasted from Saturday to Thursday. Al-Shabaab was the group’s name. According to CNN, Kenyan intelligence knew of a possible attack on the mall for well over a year.

This was the second worst terrorist attack in Kenya. The first was when Al-Qaeda blew up the US embassy, killing 213 people.
There were sixty-one civilians dead, and thirty-four more people unaccounted for.  Experts believe they are under the rubble. Six Kenyan officers died in the standoff. Military personnel killed five terrorists and brought twelve into custody.

But how susceptible to American’s feel in local malls?  Are we equally at risk?

“No, they shouldn’t be safer,” senior Brian Schumacher said.

“We should look at readiness policies for our malls and make sure our law enforcement are prepared for unpredictable violence,” history teacher Dina Heffner said.

Many think that Kenya should upgrade their mall security. Many also believe the terrorists were assisted by people who work at the mall.

“They were not interested in hostage-taking. They only wanted to kill,” Kenyan officials said.

According to CNN, the United States wants to go to the mall to see if any of the dead bodies are Americans. The U.S. believes the attackers hid their guns in the mall beforehand.

Other experts believe that this was not a random attack but a planned one. Many questions from the U.S. point of view are unanswered, but they do know that the leader of this group is Ahmed Abdi Godane.

The mall has somewhat collapsed, and it may cost millions to repair. Many people might be buried under the rubble as the search for the missing drags on. Many families await news if their loved ones lay under the rubble.

The United States will be keeping an eye out for Al-Shabaab. An attack on U.S. soil is not out of the question because several members of the group have ties to America.

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