Tragedy Strikes Nevada

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Monday, 21 October 21, 2013, was a scary day for Spark Nevada Middle School. A thirteen-year-old student opened up with a 9mm pistol on students and teachers.

He most likely took the gun from his parents. His motives are currently unknown and being investigated by the police.

“I don’t think he was being bullied at all … because if he was being bullied and I saw it, I would have stuck up for him. I was one of his friends,” a student who was shot said, according to

The shooter was yelling questions such as “Why are you laughing at me? Why are you doing this to me?”

One student who was hit thought the shooter was one of his friends but he realized otherwise after he had been shot in the stomach.

Three people in total were shot. First, one student was shot, then a teacher, then another student. The two students lived, and the teacher died.

Mike Landsberry, the teacher who was killed, was hailed as a hero because he saved many kids’ lives by walking towards the shooter. He was a math teacher who loved his job, and all the students loved him.

Landsberry served in the Nevada National Air Force and was a Master Sergeant. He acted as a cargo specialist, as well as serving in the Marines. Days later, on his Facebook memorial page, he earned over 10,000 likes.

Many believed that Reyes was being bullied and had enough of it. No one knew who he was bullying him, though the cops are asking around town.

Bullying is affecting schools worldwide. Many students just ignore it. Others may stand up to the bully, and the extreme is when bullied students are driven to take others’ lives.

The shooter eventually took his own life too. This happened in a matter of minutes, so no one could talk him out of killing himself, but Landsbury made an attempt. Students said he was trying so hard to talk the kid out of killing himself.

According to CNN, cops showed up three minutes after the 911 call. This happened at 7:15 AM.

This comes almost a year after the tragedy at Sandy Hook. Officials are wondering how schools could be safer. Six major shootings have happened in the past year at a middle school or a high school level.

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